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Articles from the Most Recent Issue

Editor's Notes: Disciples Follow One Love
By Sr. M. Johanna Paruch
Time magazine may have named both Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II “Man of the Year” during their respective pontificates, but this April 27, 2014—the day on which the Church celebrates Jesus’ Divine Mercy—the Church will proclaim that these holy men are saints for all time ! These two popes of the 20 th century certainly provide us with... Read more
What a Word Says: Meanings Implicit in “Discipleship”
By Sam Robson
The etymology of “discipleship” has something to say about its meaning for today’s catechist. The word “disciple” came into Old English some time after the first half of the seventh century, borrowed from the Latin word “discipulus” or “pupil”, as the Anglo-Saxon community was Christianised and as learning and Church reform spread[i]. The Indo-... Read more
Advice to an Atheist's Daughter: Exposing the Delusion of The God Delusion
By William Newton
In this article Dr. William Newton addresses the fundamental philosophical deficiencies in Richard Dawkins’ arguments to “prove” God does not exist. Dear Patience, Many thanks for your letter. Yes, I remember you telling me that your father was an armchair atheist. That is why I was so surprised when you said that your mother had bought him a “... Read more


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